For over 20 years, we have provided services in Payroll & Human Resource Management

noun: organisation
an organized group of people with a particular purpose..

We understand that every requirement is individual to your business and we bring our years of delivery experience to bear, providing you with the most suitable and structure solutions to match your needs.

What do your resources require from you and how does your application deliver this? Your resources are key to the success of your organisation and your application must be a help and not a hindrance, delivering positive efficiencies to them, and thereby to you.

Available Services

  • Human Resources

From Application to Termination, ability to manage both internal and external resources, manage your vacancies and budgets internally, as well as through web based forms, allowing you to post your vacancies both internally, as well as to external applicants. Applicants can apply online, providing you with pertinent personal details. Book applicants for interviews and log them through the steps of your in-house interview process. This includes the ability to provide on-line documentation confirmation of acceptance, or notification of rejection documentation.

Apply Applicants as employees, and provide relevant departments/personnel with relevant documentation, including those for the new employee to complete.

  • Ability to hold multiple jobs/assignments against each employee.
  • Hold all relevant personal information, as well as the ability to configure additional information based on business specific needs and requirements.
  • Date-based information storage allows the organisation to view historical changes, as well as to make future changes where necessary.
  • Ability to export information directly into third party software, i.e. Excel, notepad etc.
  • Ability to use standard reports pre-defined, or create your own business specific reports where required.
  • Payroll

from input to payment and costing:
Reduce time and costs by standardised payments and deductions based on business terms and conditions at an assignment level. Letting the system manage rules rather than individuals means no longer misinterpretation of agreements and disparity between activities.

Automation removes many of the back-office requirements in calculations and business related rules, allowing Management and Finance to evaluate costs both in and outside of the payroll delivery timetable. This enables reduction in staff costs/time and enables those involved to be utilised in other areas of the business more effectively

High volume processing means large payrolls are completed start to finish in record time.

  • Absence: Design, Processing, & Reporting

Business Absence Recording at various levels:

This information can therefore be used for reporting purposes, or additionally in the calculation of pay and deductions, if necessary, based on business specific rules.

Business Absence Reporting such as calculation of Annual Leave plans and entitlement, thereby allowing, where self service is in use, the ability for Employees and Managers to view entitlement for their staff, as well as the ability to generate reports based on this information:

Business Absence Payments and Deductions means highly accurate calculation of pay and deductions, with the ability to report on the impact outside of the payroll run even before the payroll has been processed. Ability to process across assignments and calculated backdated values where historical absences are captured and affect previous payments made to employees.

Calculated in days, part days, or hours, the system provides the flexibility to meet any complex calculation which would normally have to be undertaken by individuals within the department themselves, ensuring business rules are adhered to, and removes the misinterpretation which occurs between individuals relating to terminology and understanding of the business.

Quality Standards

We Believe in delivering Robust and Long Term Solutions.

Our solutions look at your future requirements, and not just your immediate. We endeavour to always deliver “Future Proofed” results.

Using tried and tested methods of Project Consultancy Management and documentation procedures we aim to provide you with security that everything will be done with due governance and proper processes and procedures. We pride ourselve in that solutions we have delivered to customers are still in use today, many years later, with our designs able to account for changes in their industry without having to request any external assistance on implementing changes.